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Intermediate Chinese program

Teaching language Chinese
Degree Non-degree
Duration 1year
Start date September, 2019
Tuition fee CNY14000/Y
Application fee 600 (RMB) / 100 (USD)

Why Study Chinese?

Chinese Is Easy, Fun, and Interesting!

  • Chinese is mentally stimulating, interesting, and fun

  • Chinese words are artistically formed 

  • Chinese culture is one of the oldest in the world

  • If you know 1000 commonly used characters, you will recognize 90% of the characters in  Chinese newspapers

Chinese Is Important For Your Career!

  • Chinese language skills are a resume-builder—knowing Chinese may give you an edge when competing for employment

  • International businesses prefer to hire people who speak more than one language

  • China is and will be an important business and economic partner of the U.S. and the world

  • China is a wonderful country to teach English in

  • China will play a major role in world affairs in the future. 

Chinese Is Useful!

  • It is a great experience to talk to others in their own language and it can be helpful when you travel in China

  • Taking Chinese can actually improve your mental power by learning how to arrange your thoughts into an alternative pattern or organization

  • Taking Chinese helps you to understand Chinese culture, literature and history

Chinese Is Most Spoken Language In The World!

  • There are more people speaking Chinese than English.  It’s the number one spoken language in the world

  • One out of five people is Chinese.  If I can speak Chinese, I can communicate with more people different from myself, and learn things about different cultures. 



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