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Application Materials

Please prepare the following documents while applying in the online application system.

1. The Photocopy of Passport (Pages with photo and address)

2. Notarized Certificates or Letter of Attestation from Your University

3. Academic Transcripts

4. Certificate of the Language Proficiency

5. Two Academic Recommendation Letter (Graduate students only)

6. Foreigner Physical Examination Form (Not in China) or VISA Page (In China) (Click here to download the Foreigner Physical Examination Form)

7. CV or Personal Statement (Your CV must be up to date, covering all your experiences, including education and employment experience)

8. Research Proposal/Study Plan (Graduate students only)

9. Acceptance Letter (Graduate students only, preferred) (Click here to download the form of acceptance letter)

10. Financial Statement (Self-sponsored only)

11. CSC Application Form Downloaded after Applying in the CSC Website (CSC applicants only)

12. Articles or Papers Written or Published (Graduate students only)

13. Others kinds of certificates



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